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You’ve passed the NC State Exam! Now What?? Your new Real Estate License is on Provisional Status and is Inactive until you affiliate yourself with a Broker In Charge (BIC). Once you are under a BIC’s supervision, your license is still on Provisional Status but is now Active and you are free to practice Real Estate.

In order to remove the Provisional Status, NCREC requires three, 30 hour Post-Licensing Courses. Triad Real Estate School, LLCoffers all three Post-Licensing courses during daytime and evening hours.

About the Postlicensing Courses

The three postlicensing classes are: Broker Relationships & Responsibilities, Contracts & Closings, and NC Law, Rules, and Legal Concepts. You can take these three classes in any order. The primary objectives of each of these classes is to provide instruction at a level beyond that provided in Prelicensing courses on topics deemed to be of special importance to licensees.

Topics addressed in the Broker Relationships & Responsibilities postlicensing course include a review of agency relationships in real estate residential and commercial sales transactions and commercial property management transactions, a real estate broker’s legal duties to clients and customers, a step-by-step review and discussion of the functions and responsibilities of a real estate broker when working with sellers and buyers, a review of issues associated with transactions in progress when a broker leaves a firm, and a review of license status and education issues.

Broker Relationships and Responsibilities Course Syllabus

Topics addressed in the Contracts and Closing postlicensing course include selected basic contract law concepts, real estate sales contract preparation, sales contract procedures, buyer’s due diligence, closing procedures, Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act, closing statement preparation, contracts for deed, options, and real estate license status and education issues.

Contracts and Closings Course Syllabus

Topics addressed in the NC Law, Rules, and Legal Concepts postlicensing course include general North Carolina licensing requirements, brokerage compensation issues, the disciplinary process, specialized types of real estate, property management in NC, and miscellaneous NC laws and legal concepts.

NC Law, Rules, and Legal Concepts Course Syllabus




The cost of each postlicensing class is $225 plus the cost of the course textbook of $55. If a student needs to purchase a textbook, it can be done on the first day of class. The course textbook is the North Carolina Real Estate Manual and it is used for all three postlicensing courses. The student will not need to purchase a new book as long as the commission doesn’t publish a new edition. Acceptable forms of payment are checks, money orders and credit cards (except for American Express).



Registration is open through the first day of class depending on availability. We offer online and in person registration. To register online, continue below.

To register in person, come to 285 S. Stratford Rd, Winston-Salem, 27103 Monday through Friday, between the hours of 9 am and 5 pm. Alternatively, you may register in class on the first day. Acceptable forms of payment are checks, money orders and credit cards (except for American Express).

Classes are held at 1605 Westbrook Plaza Dr, Suite 303, Winston-Salem, NC 27103.

For questions regarding Triad Real Estate School, or any of our class offerings, you may contact us through email at, or by phone at (336) 748-5366.

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