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Spring Cleaning to Save Energy Tips

Posted: March 28, 2017 by Melissa Deputy

Spring Cleaning to Save Energy Tips

When it is time to do your spring cleaning there are things you can do to improve your energy usage, and who doesn’t like lower bills?

• When vacuuming your home, remember to vacuum around your refrigerator. Pull it out and clean the back of it. The dust can slow its performance making it run harder, use more energy and shorten its lifespan.

• Check your windows, vacuuming the area between storms/screens and the interior window is always a good idea, but also look at the window panes, caulking around the windows, etc.… Window energy loss, both heat and air conditioning can cause your bills to be higher year round.

• Your duct work would benefit from being cleaned. Sometimes ducts accumulate dust, from leaky duct work, or just household dust. Having someone professionally inspect the duct work to be certain you are getting all the benefit from the air conditioning and heat you are using is a great idea. Cleaning may make your home more comfortable so you aren’t recirculating dust throughout your home. This may help if someone in the home suffers from allergies.

• Did you know your light bulbs get dusty? Dust blocks light so wipe those bulbs off when they are cool. If possible replace with LED lights because these use 70 to 90% less energy and last much longer.

• Don’t forget your furnace filters need to be changed regularly, as well as the intake vent filters in your home. When they get clogged with dust they can make your system work harder and that costs your more money on your energy bill. Pet owners may need to change them more often as pet hair also can build up.

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